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Tottenham Hale

TTPP was commissioned by Transport for London (TfL) in connection with the integrated project plan in Microsoft Project Format for the improvement initiatives at Tottenham Hale Station.

The works comprised of:

  • Expanded ticket hall infrastructure
  • New slab structure within the new ticket hall
  • Installation of canopy structure
  • Removal and relocation of existing LU Station Operations Room
  • Relocation of existing ticket office facilities and other back of house facilities
  • Installation of new LU and NR systems
  • Expansion of existing sub-surface emergency exit passageway
  • Extinguishing of existing Ferry Lane passageway
  • Incorporating new entrance into Hale Village, utilising existing NR footbridge
  • Integration of services with new NR Access for All Bridge

New platform infrastructure supporting 3/4 tracking delivery

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